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Samuel J. Welch, Artisan Blacksmith - Hand-forged ironwork and custom furniture - Whitefish Montana

Samuel J. Welch

Artisan Blacksmith

Custom ornamental ironwork hand-forged in Whitefish, Montana

Custom furniture – hand-forged ironwork made near Whitefish Montana – Samuel J. Welch, Artisan Blacksmith


Custom Home Decor - Hand-forged fireplace doors and tools made in Whitefish Montana – Samuel J. Welch, Artisan Blacksmith

home Décor

Custom sculpture – iron commissioned sculpture made in Whitefish Montana – Samuel Welch, Artist Blacksmith



Elevate your home's Style with custom-built ornate ironwork.

Want to highlight your living room with an elegant set of iron fireplace doors? Looking for the perfect hand-forged furniture to compliment your Montana home? Hoping to commission a unique iron sculpture designed just for you? Artisan blacksmith Samuel J. Welch is here to bring your vision of a truly custom home to life!

Expertly designed and masterfully crafted, every ornamental ironwork project is hand-forged using traditional and modern blacksmithing techniques. Samuel offers a wide variety of design styles, materials, joinery, and finishes, all custom-suited to your needs. 


No matter what stage your dream home is in (lived in, under-construction, or in the design phase), artisan blacksmith Samuel J. Welch can add the perfect finishing touches. Contact Samuel today and let him turn your vision into reality.

End Table - Whitefish Montana - Hand-crafted custom furniture – hand-forged ironwork by artisan blacksmith Samuel Welch
Samuel J. Welch, Artisan Blacksmith | Whitefish, Montana

Samuel J. Welch

Professional Artisan Blacksmith

As an artist and visionary, Samuel pursues mastery in every aspect of his professional career and is committed to the exacting quality standards of high-end ironwork design. 

His portfolio features a diverse collection of traditional and contemporary ironwork. As a highly-skilled artisan blacksmith, Samuel has designed and built for multi-million-dollar homes throughout Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Idaho.

Samuel is also the Founder and CEO of Welch Tuning Systems, Inc. He holds inventorship to 5 United States Patents and spearheads the most innovative line of drums available in the music industry. Learn more at

Today, Samuel enjoys living in and exploring the beautiful Flathead Valley of northwestern Montana with his wife. 

The Artist

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